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Some random news, including Blizzcon. Some talk of games - Wasteland, Path of Exile, Hearthstone. And a bunch of new recording and editing issues this week. Ack.

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Enjoy this thing! Lots of crappy computer issues, so you get to hear Christy house music, dead air, and other exciting mishaps in audio. Oh, and it's 3 hours long too.

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This one's been in the can a while - sorry for the delay. This goes back to the Apple keynote.

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This week, short on news so we get caught up on listener subs.

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This week, we get caught up on listener subs. Good stuff!

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A light news week - mostly Christy!

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Short show, edited late! Hopefully you don't rely on the show description for anything.

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This week, we talk about the Microsoft flip, more on the NSA, and then make a hasty exit.

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Took me a while to edit - we went over the 3 hour mark, so I had to mess about with multiple files. This is our E3/WWDC/NSA discussion. Enjoy!

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This week, we catch up on the goings on of things and have a short discussion of the recent NSA revelations. We'll have a follow-on discussion soon!

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