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This week, we spend tons of time talking about what we've been up to - it's been 3 weeks since the last show.

Lots of WoW Cataclysm talk - be warned!

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Went out of town after recording, so this one took a while.  Sorry for the delay.  Oh, and I have no idea wtf we talked about.

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Short show this week - mostly talking about what we did.  A few tidbits of news, then we get the hell out to play some WoW.

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This week, some pretty dull StarCraft 2 discussion, Blizzcon fan news, Rock Band, but no listener subs.  ;(

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This week, MMO roundup- Champions free-to-play, EA rumors, Minecraft, and a whole bunch of other stuff.  Plus, bonus segment at the end with Renata of Citizen Azeroth talking about Civ 5!

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This week - some Blizz news, some Minecraft, some old games talk.

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No real idea what we talked about this week.  Sorry!

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This week - your right of first sale comes into question, we talk some Valve stuff, major D&D discussion (consider yourselves warned), and the zombification of Wave.

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This week, we bag on Sony, discuss used game sales, and get caught up on listener subs!

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Special guest star, podcaster extraordinaire CHRISTY from Analog Hole Gaming! Oh, wait. Christy visits the grocery store, Mike and Chris geek out over StarCraft II, a little news and a lot of listener feedback. Plus a show intro submission from TheK3vin.

Show Music: "F**K YOU" by Cee Lo Green

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Matt "Positron" Miller returns to pimp City of Heroes: Going Rogue as well as discuss video games, role-playing games, and the stability of hot-air balloons attached to the bottom of buildings to make them float.


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This week - we strike out in a new direction on show music, ask for some feedback on the future of forums, and then talk some news.

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This week - StarCraft 2!  And D&D.  And not much else.

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This week - 2112!  Some WoW stuff, catching up on listener submissions!

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Sadly, Blizzard changed their mind on the whole RealID thing between recording and publishing.  Such is life.  Hopefully the discussion is still valuable to you all.  And you're welcome Ren!

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Thay would like to apologize in advance for our wow stat comparison tangent.  He's sorry he brought it up.

Also, we talked about some other stuff and did a little listener email.

No big D&D rants this week though!

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Some Rock Band 3, some PaRappa, some Fallout:NV.  And lots of D&D talk - consider yourself warned.
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Analog Hole Episode 165 - 6/18/10 This week, E3 stuff.  Even though I thought the whole thing was a bit dull this year.  Whatever.

Anyway, we talk about that, and some stuff about Puget Systems again.  And some other stuff.
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Insert show description here.
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Sorry for the delay this week - it was a long week.
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This week, chimpanzee on a segway.  Listen to the whole thing first.
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This week's music - "In a Persian Market" performed by Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnies 
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Attempted fix to original Ep 160 upload.  If you have the old file, it's jacked up!
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New distribution software this ep - let me know if anything doesn't work!

This week we discuss the US deficit, college kids liking facebook, and a bunch of other random stuff.

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Analog Hole Episode 158 - 4/16/10

This week, PAX roundup and some other random stuff!

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Analog Hole Episode 157 - 3/30/10

This week, live from PAX East!  With special guest host Matt "Positron" Miller.

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Analog Hole Episode 156 - 3/8/10

This week, we discuss UbiSoft's awesome new DRM scheme, a whole bunch of new Steam junk (Mac client?), and the PS3 Y2k10 bug.

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Analog Hole Episode 155 - 2/16/10


Nasal lavage, Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, listener mail, and more.


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Analog Hole Episode 154 - 2/5/10

This week, DDX, the Ensidia Ban, and the iPad!

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Analog Hole Episode 153 - 1/25/10 This week, more Blizz talk, light on the D&D, and STO.
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Analog Hole Episode 152 - 1/20/10 No idea what we talked about this week. If someone is compelled to send me show notes, perhaps I'll update this.
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Analog Hole Episode 151 - 1/14/10 This week, we catch up from our holiday/skiing break.
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