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We talk about the new systems from Puget! Also, some Steam for Linux talk, other valve news, and Thay plays a ton of games.

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This week, a Matt Miller repeat edition. Also, some serious jackassery in the middle of the show when we discover Matt is recording the wrong audio. I left it all in there, so enjoy seeing the sausage being made.

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This week, recurring guest-host Matt Miller celebrates the Windows 8 launch with us. Also, he likes it. Not sure what that says about him, but enjoy the episode!

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This week, Christy's workin hard for her money. Also, not the shortest show ever, but definitely the shortest one in the last few years. I'm also late with editing, so no recollection of what we talked about.

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Maps, maps, maps! Also, Kickstarter, some other gaming stuff, and Christy's pants.

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This week, we celebrate the release of Indiana Jones on Blu-Ray. Also, new Galaxy Nexus phone for Mike, new iPhones, WiiU, and retiring doctors from BioWare.

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For those keeping score at home: Ubisoft:0, Mike:1. Also this week, we get to watch Thay experience PSY for the first time, some UDID chat, and initiative trees.

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This week, everyone interrupts Mike. Also, too much D&D and PathFinder talk, and some great discussion about my D&D group's initiative tree. Exciting stuff.

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After a long break, we're back. This week, we clash over Samsung vs. Apple, OnLive's (sort of) demise, and Blizzard's continued downward spiral.

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This week, Windows 8 is a catastrophe! Also, Vint Cerf, listener subs, and the reason we're all moving to Kansas City.

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