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Second Annual XMas call in - 12/21/07 Audio quality is kinda sketchy, but this is our 2nd annual call-in show.  We'll be back to our regular weekly schedule in the new year.
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Analog Hole Episode 76 -12/17/07 This week - MMO news, Halo map questions, and a new Parappa game.
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Analog Hole Episode 75 - 12/4/07 This week:  Why Universal will die soon, the GameSpot discussion, and the impending death of Blizzard Entertainment.
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Analog Hole Episode 74 - 11/26/07 The return of the A-holes.  This week:  SMG talk, CoH news, idiocracy in action, and taunting the PantherTaco. 
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Vegas Raw Show - 11/11/07 Vegas show raw with your normal hosts + some guests.
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Vegas Info - 11/06/07 Vegas Trip Info Nov. 9 - 12
 contact#: 702-997-5329 or 702-99-sleaz
 Check the forums for more info.
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Analog Hole Episode 73 - 11/5/07 More TF2 chat; Vegas, baby!; Super Mario Galaxy reviews start rolling in; and more!
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Analog Hole Episode 72 - 10/28/07 BioWare talk, the Christymas list, and keyboard talk.
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Analog Hole Episode 71 - 10/22/07 More Orange Box, Analog Hole TF2 matches, and Nintendo drops support for the NES.
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Analog Hole Episode 70 - 10/15/07 Portal, TF2, Chris discos (again and again), and the real reason there's no Valve games on the Mac.
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Analog Hole Episode 69 - 10/8/07 This week, more Orange Box, Halo 3 stats, Dell bashing, and a bunch of listener feedback.
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Analog Hole Episode 68 - 10/1/07 More TF2, more crazy Jack, and more bongs.
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Analog Hole Episode 67 - 9/26/07 This week, a special guest!  Chris admits to liking Bioshock, and the ORANGE BOX!
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Analog Hole Episode 66 - 9/10/07 Lots of Lair (bad)news, more Submitter X, and the Dutch come through with Manhunt 2.
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Analog Hole Episode 65 - 8/27/07 More Bioshock - controversy and great gameplay!  Also, we have some Microsoft screwups, talks of online relationships, and some TF2 tidbits.
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Analog Hole Episode 64 - 8/20/07 BioShock, BioShock, and a little BioShock.  Then we talk about BioShock.
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Analog Hole Episode 63 - 8/13/07 BlizzCon chat, NES era favorites, some news on summer blockbusters, and everyone's favorite Chris's Top 10 lists.
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Analog Hole Episode 62 - 8/9/07 After an extended break, the Analog Hole is back with more hot gaming action.  This week, we talk about the continued growth of WoW, GTA IV delays, and Chris holds dearly onto the MGS on 360 rumor.
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Analog Hole Episode 61 - 7/18/07 Chris is MIA this week, so we have 2 special guests for the E3 wrapup.
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Analog Hole Episode 60 - 7/9/07 Tons of console news, a little Apple stuff, and more!
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Analog Hole Episode 59 - 7/2/07 iPhone release, Theremin discussion, new life for Ghost, and the Gay Bomb.
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Analog Hole Episode 58 - 6/26/07 Valve news, Manhunt 2 delays, and a new Sonic RPG?
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Analog Hole Episode 57 - 6/18/07 Apple WWDC non-news, massive Fallout 3 info, and house flooding.
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Analog Hole Episode 56 - 6/12/07 After a week break, we're back with more A-hole goodness.  This week - dentistry, lots of lists, nobody buying Vista, and why the Fallout 3 trailer blew.
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Analog Hole Episode 55 - 5/29/07 Mike finally gets a 360, a ton of new Guitar Hero info, and nudity in Halo 2 Vista!
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Analog Hole Episode 54 - 5/21/07 A short show this week, and I uploaded it at 1.3bytes/sec.  It took me ~10 hours to upload this friggin show.  Ugh.
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Analog Hole Episode 53 - 5/16/07 New ATI hardware, interesting developments in cable, MS screwing up Live Anywhere, and Chris being a tool.  All this week, on the Analog Hole.
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Analog Hole Episode 52 - 5/06/07 I'm tired of making stuff up for this.  Does anyone actually read it?
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Analog Hole Episode 51 - 5/1/07 PS3 Home beta, the fate of Ken Kutaragi, KOTOR MMO, and the mystery Blizzard announcement.
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Analog Hole Episode 50 - 4/24/07 A special guest, some WoW talk, and a lot of laughing!
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Analog Hole Episode 49 - 4/16/07 Bunch of Wii news, berating our listeners, chocolate, and WoW.
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Analog Hole Episode 48 - 4/9/07 Guild Wars 2, Super Paper Mario, and some other hot Wii action.
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Analog Hole Episode 47 - 4/2/07 The one year anniversary show!  Huge Open Hole this week!
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Analog Hole Family Show - 4/1/07 The Family Show!
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Analog Hole Episode 46 - 3/26/07 Ron Jeremy comes to tech, lots of 360 blather, and Christy turns cyberstalker.
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Analog Hole Episode .45 - 3/19/07 Saturn games coming to Wii?  nights coming to Wii?  Commodore returns to the PC market.
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Analog Hole Episode 44 - 3/13/07 GDC updates, how to beat WoW gold-mail scams, and car fetishes.
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Analog Hole Episode 43 - 3/8/07 This week - a late show!  Mario Party 8 delayed, new Wii VC titles, and Vista crackage.
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Analog Hole Episode 42 - 2/25/07 OMG Chris is editing again watch out! More news on the next rev of the X- Box 360 and more.
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Analog Hole Episode 41 - 2/19/07 Wii news, new nVidia vidcards, and Hideo Kojima's crazy zombie MMO.
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Analog Hole Ep 40 - 2/13/07 Jobs' shocker on DRM, Kid Icarus comes to the Wii VC, and Vanguard in the Open Hole.
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Analog Hole Episode 39 - 2/6/07 This week - Obi Wan's robe, Vista launch, Wii news, and Bill Gates speaks.
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Analog Hole Episode 38 - 1/28/07 Mike is back and running the show. More WoW BC news, someone has a Wii finally, and Uwe Boll is making another video game based movie.
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Analog Hole Episode 37 - 1/22/07 MIke is out of town so this show is another Chris edit, plus we have a guest and tons of Burning Crusade for all you nubs.
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Analog Hole Episode 36 - 1/13/07 Is your Wii a little raw? Mike finally plays Guitar Hero 2 and ends up humping the cat scratching post. Also tips for hitting on Renata of World of Warcast podcast.
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Analog Hole Episode 35 - 1/8/07 A ravenous horde of Wii news, Bioshock ship date, and 360 rumors.
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Analog Hole Episode 34 - 1/2/06 New DS, PS3 dilemmas, and some random WoW junk.
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