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Maps, maps, maps! Also, Kickstarter, some other gaming stuff, and Christy's pants.

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This week, we celebrate the release of Indiana Jones on Blu-Ray. Also, new Galaxy Nexus phone for Mike, new iPhones, WiiU, and retiring doctors from BioWare.

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For those keeping score at home: Ubisoft:0, Mike:1. Also this week, we get to watch Thay experience PSY for the first time, some UDID chat, and initiative trees.

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This week, everyone interrupts Mike. Also, too much D&D and PathFinder talk, and some great discussion about my D&D group's initiative tree. Exciting stuff.

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After a long break, we're back. This week, we clash over Samsung vs. Apple, OnLive's (sort of) demise, and Blizzard's continued downward spiral.

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