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Analog Hole Episode 65 - 8/27/07 More Bioshock - controversy and great gameplay!  Also, we have some Microsoft screwups, talks of online relationships, and some TF2 tidbits.
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Analog Hole Episode 64 - 8/20/07 BioShock, BioShock, and a little BioShock.  Then we talk about BioShock.
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Analog Hole Episode 63 - 8/13/07 BlizzCon chat, NES era favorites, some news on summer blockbusters, and everyone's favorite Chris's Top 10 lists.
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Analog Hole Episode 62 - 8/9/07 After an extended break, the Analog Hole is back with more hot gaming action.  This week, we talk about the continued growth of WoW, GTA IV delays, and Chris holds dearly onto the MGS on 360 rumor.
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