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Analog Hole Episode 38 - 1/28/07 Mike is back and running the show. More WoW BC news, someone has a Wii finally, and Uwe Boll is making another video game based movie.
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Analog Hole Episode 37 - 1/22/07 MIke is out of town so this show is another Chris edit, plus we have a guest and tons of Burning Crusade for all you nubs.
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Analog Hole Episode 36 - 1/13/07 Is your Wii a little raw? Mike finally plays Guitar Hero 2 and ends up humping the cat scratching post. Also tips for hitting on Renata of World of Warcast podcast.
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Analog Hole Episode 35 - 1/8/07 A ravenous horde of Wii news, Bioshock ship date, and 360 rumors.
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Analog Hole Episode 34 - 1/2/06 New DS, PS3 dilemmas, and some random WoW junk.
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