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Call In Show - 12/22/06 The Analog Hole Call-In Christmas Extravaganza!
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Analog Hole Episode 33 - 12/18/06 Wii strap crazyness, 360 sells in Japan, and more Open Hole submissions.
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Dec 17 call in show info Dec 17, 7PM EST.  The first AHG call-in show.  Be there.
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Analog Hole Episode 32 - 12/11/06 Reggie tells some lies, more Bob Ross, Office for Mac screwage, but no Open Hole.
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Analog Hole Episode 31 - 12/5/06 Bioware MMO talk, Wii launch bashing, Godzilla-shaped buildings, and a Bruce Lee theme park!
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Analog Hole Episode 30 - 11/27/06 Wiimote launches - into TVs and windows, the Wii workout, and the first Open Hole.
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Analog Hole Episode 29 - 11/20/06 PS3 lauch madness, Wii launch prep, Miss Video Game, and another listener submission!
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Analog Hole Episode 28 - 11/13/06 Another guest, Burning Crusade discussion, Wii launch excitement, and nVidia's DX10 cards are out.
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Analog Hole Ep Two-Seven - 11/6/06 Conquest!  Wii launch news, more on Vista launch, WoW news, and a magical guest host.
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Analog Hole Episode 26 - 10/30/06 The bell tolls for Lik-Sang, TBC delay offical, some Vista Junk, and the Killer NIC.
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