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Analog Hole Episode 26 - 10/30/06 The bell tolls for Lik-Sang, TBC delay offical, some Vista Junk, and the Killer NIC.
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Analog Hole Episode 25 - 10/23/06 Holy huge show, Batman!  This week - things that piss us off: new Vista EULA, rumor of Burning Crusade delays, and BF2142 BS.
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Analog Hole Episode 24 - 10/16/06 "Crazy Jack" Thompson, Wii and PS3 preorders, and sweet new Dell LCDs.
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Analog Hole Episode 23 - 10/9/06 DX10 cards, Wii and PS3 preorders, more Sony screwups!
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Analog Hole Episode 22 - 10/2/06 Console discussion, multi-core processing, and big balls.
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