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Analog Hole Episode 5 - 4/27/06 Ozzy, Wii, Mario, Microsoft, Oblivion, and more!
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Analog Hole Episode 4 - 4/23/06 Mike rants about Greenpeace, Oblivion, NiGHTS sequal, AMD anti-Hyperthreading, and more!
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Analog Hole Episode 3 - 4/15/06 This week, we talk about NWA, Chris spoils Oblivion, Harry Potter and Star wars; who really controls game design, release date for NWN2, Windows for pirates, 10GB iPod Nanos (?), and more!
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Analog Hole Episode 2 - 4/7/06 This week we talk about "El Muda," Oblivion, game industry salaries, and a bunch of Apple news.
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Chris and Mike talk about ? and the Mysterians, Sony's troubles, Nintendo's announcements at GDC, and other gaming news.
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A short introduction to the hosts of the Analog Hole Gaming podcast.  Start here!
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