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Recording in the wake of hurricane Irene, we discuss the departure of Jobs, a bunch of digital distribution crap, and maybe some other stuff.

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Sorry for Thay's audio sounding not so great this week - we'll adjust next time. This week we talk tons of news with DRM, Diablo 3, and lots of other crap.

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This week, Christy considers bris etiquette, Mike explores Torchlight, and Thay reviews an iPad game that he can’t remember. We talk about Steam and Origin, EA Sports’ season tickets, GameFly’s new game service, and more about the move to the new web site.

By the way, the iPad game Thay is trying to remember is calledBattleheart.

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This week, Thay comes to us from the Analog Hole News Chopper. Sorry about that!

We discuss a boatload of Diablo III news, more always-on DRM, and a bunch of new stuff.

200 shows!

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