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Much delay in editing this week - meant to get the show out before I left and didn't manage to get it done. It's been so long since the recording, I have no idea what we talked about!

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This week, we kick off the SW:TOR talk. I'm guessing we'll be hitting on it a lot in the coming weeks. Also, lots more Skyrim chat and just a touch of news.

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This week, we start the Skyrim talk. Also, some catching up on listener subs, and the death of Flash!

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It took a long time, but we've finally managed to get the band back together. Blizzcon talk, Barbells for Boobs, and lots of lag!

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This week, we talke SW:ToR, EA, IPTV, new kindles, and even some games!

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Analog Hole Episode 206 - 9/29/11

Just a bit more about Diablo 3, TOR release date, no more class action law suits, and we get caught up on listener submissions

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This week, the US edges out Hungary (barely) in Internet quality, Darth Vader still doesn't get a residuals, and gamers take over when scientists fail.

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FREDDIE! Also some interesting stuff with Netflix and Starz, more DRM chat, and the usual.

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Recording in the wake of hurricane Irene, we discuss the departure of Jobs, a bunch of digital distribution crap, and maybe some other stuff.

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Sorry for Thay's audio sounding not so great this week - we'll adjust next time. This week we talk tons of news with DRM, Diablo 3, and lots of other crap.

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This week, Christy considers bris etiquette, Mike explores Torchlight, and Thay reviews an iPad game that he can’t remember. We talk about Steam and Origin, EA Sports’ season tickets, GameFly’s new game service, and more about the move to the new web site.

By the way, the iPad game Thay is trying to remember is calledBattleheart.

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This week, Thay comes to us from the Analog Hole News Chopper. Sorry about that!

We discuss a boatload of Diablo III news, more always-on DRM, and a bunch of new stuff.

200 shows!

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Analog Hole Episode 199 - 7/19/11

This week: Christy’s latest CrossFit adventures, Mike adds an SSD to his gaming rig, and Thay plays a lot of games and… GOLF? We also talk about Netflix, Metacritic, and why Mike wears his sideburns the way he does.

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This week, super special recurring guest, Matt Miller from Paragon Studios. Big doins in the land of Paragon City. Also a guest edit by Thay this week.

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This week, TF2, Anthony Weiner, DNF, SWG, and more. Oh, and if there's artwork with the show this week, thank Renata. If there's not, please blame her.

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This week, the weak E3 roundup, MMOs on steam, Lulzsec, and some listener subs!

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This week, we laugh at Blizzard, Comcast, and gay porn!

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This week, I will definitely blame Thay for the lateness of pushing this one live. Again, don't remember much of what we talked about though.

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Sorry for the late upload this week - I'd like to lay all the blame on Thay, but he only added to the delay by a day or two. It's all doom and gloom this week, with Microsoft buying Skype, PSN, Blizz subs dropping, and the questionable release of Brink. Enjoy!

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This week, PSN hack, lots of Blizzard news, and we get caught up on listener email!

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Had some funky interent at Thay's place this week - my apologies for the stitched together ep. We also had to cut it a bit short, so we'll get to our last few stories and some listener mail next time.

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This week, new Kindle, Mass Effect MMO, and the start of the Portal 2 ARG.

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Not much for news this week, but we discuss Amazon Cloud and a variety of games.

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This week, the fifth anniversary of the Analog Hole. Some new recording tweaks, which may have lead to Mike mic not being muted when he thought it was. If you hear me sneezing and caughing, my apologies.

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After a majer hiatus, we're back with another rambling episode. Without Interenet for the last few weeks, Thay has been on a game playing bonanza. Just nothing that requires connectivity.

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Some strange issues with editing this week - hope it sounds ok!

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This week, lots of what we've been up to. Just a bit of D&D discussion, and some pretty tasty news stories.

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Sorry for the delay in editing - busy week at work.  Also, we're having some issues with Christy's audio, so my apologies for the overranging of her microphone.  We'll hopefully get it worked out in the next ep.

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This week, we talk some LoTRO, some ToR, some WoW, tons of listener subs, and whatever else comes up.

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