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AHG 2008 Call in show I finally decided to just upload the raw audio.  If I waited until I had more time, the show would never come out.
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Analog Hole Episode 108 - 12/15/08 This week - the 08 ice storm and catching up on listener submissions.
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Analog Hole Episode 107 - 12/10/08 This week, GTA 4 PC shits itself, damn kids don't know about addictive games, and we announce the annual call-in show!
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Analog Hole Episode 106 - 11/26/08 This week - lots of news.  The death of TR, NXE, and a bunch of listener submissions.
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Analog Hole Episode 105 - 11/17/08 Lich King launch, other WoW news, and Tabula Rasa loses its star.
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Analog Hole Episode 104 - 11/6/08 This week, Fallout 3!  And we catch up on listener submissions.
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Analog Hole Episode 103 - 10/27/08 Tons of MMO news, the quagmire of DRM discussion, and another 3 hour show!
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Analog Hole Episode 102 - 10/6/08 Clear some room on your mp3 player- this show is epic in size.  Clocking in at close to 4 hours!  This week we have the founder of BINDPoint - a new vision for chat-based community building.  Hope you enjoy the show.
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Analog Hole Episode 101 - 9/26/08 This week - another long show.  DRM DRM and DRM.  Colbert launches his DNA into space, and more!
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Analog Hole Special Broadcast - 9/22/08 This special edition is an interview with a friend of ours who went to PAX and also has been playing D&D 4th Edition.  It's pretty friggin geeky, so be warned.
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Analog Hole Episode 100 - 9/15/08 At long last, episode 100.  The long-awaited Braid discussion, and some other stuff I can't remember.
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Analog Hole Episode 99 - 9/2/08 This week, we run out of time to talk about Braid again.  Gah.
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Analog Hole Episode 98 - 8/26/08 This week, we forget to get back to Braid talk.  We also make fun of our listeners and catch up on listener submissions.
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Analog Hole Episode 97 - 8/21/08 No laptops were (permanently) harmed in the making of this podcast.  Unless you like the backlights on your MacBook Pro keyboard.  In which case, I guess it would be slightly harmed.  But I don't really use them anyway.  At least the keys all work now.
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Analog Hole 96 - 7/16/08 This week, the return of OGChris.  We talk about the E3 press conferences, and just a little bit of news.
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Analog Hole Episode 95 - 6/30/08 This week - music by Jay of Jay and Silent Bob fame.  This is Jay's rap from J&SB Strike Back.  Also, lots of discussion regarding the Diablo 3 announce and the Blizzard Authenticator.
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Analog Hole Episode 94 - 6/25/08 Another week with special guest (good)Chris! We try (and fail) to keep it short this week.  Also, a special submission from Awa.
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Analog Hole Episode 93 - 6/18/08 Minus one Chris, plus one Chris.  Tons of discussion, Firefox 3, Apple, Steam, and more!
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Analog Hole Episode 92 - 6/2/08 This week - the return of Chris! And we finally get caught up on listener submissions.
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Analog Hole Episode 91 - 5/28/08 This week - Conan launch talk with 2 special guests. Also, in a bit of a departure we talk about why we play games, as well as our regular news bits.
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Analog Hole Episode 90 - 5/21/08

A special guest this week, and we forgot to talk about the music:  Apocalyptica - Hall of the Mountain King.

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Analog Hole Gaming 89 - 5/5/08 This week - GTA 4 and new TF2 content. Sweet!
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Analog Hole Gaming 88 - 4/23/08 Lots of GTA4 talk, Home delayed again, and some other crap I can't think of.
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Analog Hole Gaming 87 - 4/16/08 Rock Band ushers in new music, some new game announcements, and new life for Hellgate:London.
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Analog Hole Gaming Ep 86 - 4/9/08 This week - Chris returns from the dead, and rape kits for everyone. The EU gets raped by Harmonix for Rock Band, top down shooters get Ikaruga, and a host of game delays.
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Analog Hole Episode 85 - 3/24/08 Rock Band updates, more 'One Console Future' talk, and a litigation frenzy!
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Analog Hole Gaming 84 - 3/17/08 This week, Feb NPD fallout, classic rock making a comeback, and some other stories I can't think of at the moment.
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Analog Hole Episode 83 - 3/10/08 This week, more piracy chat, lots of disc problems, and yet another submission from Westy.
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Analog Hole Episode 82 - 3/3/08 3 Weeks to catch up on, so watch out for the length on this bad boy. Also, I forgot to mention it, but Neil Peart is a musical genius.
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Analog Hole Episode 81 - 2/11/08 The future of PC gaming - TPB grows, Steam grows, what does it all mean?
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Analog Hole Episode 80 - 1/28/08 More crazy rantings, PC Gaming NPDs, WoW talk, and a bunch of new GTA4 info.
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Analog Hole Episode 79 - 1/21/08 This week, a special guest! Some Macworld discussion, NPDs, and new TF2 map info.
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Analog Hole Episode 78 - 1/13/08 Back from a week off, we talk some 360 news, TF2 updates, and a new Christy's dad story.
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Analog Hole Episode 77 - 1/3/08 This week - our first show of 2008. Not much for news, but hell, I played Zelda!
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