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Analog Hole Episode 150 - 12/27/09 This week - very late release, and I have no recollection of what we talked about. Perhaps it was all the booze I drank while the family was here.
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Analog Hole 2009 Call-In Show Ring in the holiday season with the annual call-in show. Christy, Mike and Chris go live with the AHG audience.
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This week, scams, DLC, and the CRIA is a bunch of pirates.
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2009 Call In Show - details inside! Details for the call-in show.  Dec 12, 1pm EST, 6pm GMT.  Skype address: analoghole.
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Analog Hole Episode 148 - 11/29/09 This week, more Steam and Blizz talk.  Shocker, I know.
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Analog Hole Episode 147 - 11/22/09 Been a long time since we recorded this one - no idea what we talked about.
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Analog Hole Episode 146 - 11/10/09 This week, marathon what we've been up to - tons of games in here this week.  Also some stuff about WoW pets and MW2 gripes.
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Analog Hole Episode 145 - 11/1/09 This week, Microsoft drops Family Guy, still no love for Valve in OZ, and we catch up on listener subs.
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Analog Hole Episode 144 - 10/23/09 This week, the first special guest in a long time.  Barry joins us to talk about really geeky code stuff.
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Analog Hole Episode 143 - 10/18/09 This week, more discussion on Valve's exploitation of devs, Queen, and GameFly vs. the post office.
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Analog Hole Episode 142 - 10/10/09 This week - tons of Valve news, Guitar Hero leaving consoles, and stories of the MFM visit.
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Analog Hole Episode 141 - 9/30/09 Long show this week - not even enough time for an outro!  L4D, PvP, and catching up on listener subs.
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Analog Hole Episode 140 - 9/25/09 Australian ratings blowout, Lily Allen bashing, and listener submissions.
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Analog Hole Episode 139 - 9/19/09 This week - MMO news, Star Wars stuff, and a new intro!
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Analog Hole Episode 138 - 9/6/09 Honestly, it's been so long since we recorded that I don't remember what we talked about.
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Analog Hole Episode 137 - 8/26/09 Live from Jizzcon!  This week is mostly a Blizzcon wrapup and discussion.
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Analog Hole Episode 136 - 8/12/09 This week:  game delays, more delays, and the death of console gaming!
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Analog Hole Episode 135 - 8/8/09 This week - podcasting patented, Matrix online goes offline, and a new L4D campaign.
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Analog Hole Episode 134 - 7/30/09 This week, Windows 7, Space Quest, stories from the house, and listener subs!
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Analog Hole Episode 133 - 7/25/09 Headset drama, Google OS, and StarCraft at the Olympics.
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Analog Hole Episode 132 - 7/11/09 Valve news, Lucas on Steam, and AHG Fitness!
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Analog Hole Episode 131 - 7/3/09 This week- mergers aplenty!  Some other random news, and a bunch of listener subs.
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Analog Hole Episode 130 - 6/27/09 I think we have a winner for the new show intro - oh, and we talk about crazy Bobby Kotick, more Duke news, and some listener submissions!
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Analog Hole Episode 129 - 6/19/09 This week, L4D protests, Tim Curry in Brutal Legend, and virtual meth labs.
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Analog Hole Episode 128 - 6/7/09 E3 Mega Roundup!
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Analog Hole Episode 127 - 6/5/09 This week - Google wave, Punch Out, TF2, and some other random chatter.
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Analog Hole Episode 126 - 5/25/09 Blizzcon tickets, more Fallout 3 DLC, and the real Mr. T's birthday.
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Analog Hole Episode 125 - 5/17/09 Sorry for the delay in editing - this week we talk about Christy's disillusionment with the icons of her youth.
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Analog Hole Episode 124 - 4/7/09 This week, Prince on Guitar Hero, Fallout DLC problems, and more L4D talk.
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Analog Hole Episode 123 - 4/27/09 This weeks show intro by Adam!  Also, more Fallout talk, L4D, and baby shaking goodness.
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Analog Hole Episode 122 - 4/21/09

A new record long show!  This week - a visit from MFM, Timo Warner bandwidth caps, The Pirate Bay verdict, and many more.

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Analog Hole Episode 121 - 4/8/09 This week, more Fallout talk, L4D, and a listener submission and iTunes review roundup!
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Analog Hole Episode 120 - 4/1/09 The GDC show - OnLive, Kaplan's admissions, and The Pitt released!
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Analog Hole Episode 119 - 3/23/09 Are your children safe playing the Wii?  Find out, in this week's Analog Hole Gaming!
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Analog Hole Episode 118 - 3/16/09 This week, Steam extravaganza, a new show intro, more watchmen talk, and Christy ranting.
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Analog Hole Episode 117 - 3/8/09 The last two days of what we've done manages to fill what would normally be an entire show.  In addition, we get caught up on listener submissions again.
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Analog Hole Episode 116 - 3/5/09 Fallout 3 dissected, and lots of Christy-friendly discussion about Gabe Newell's keynote at DICE.
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Analog Hole Episode 115 - 2/16/09 Bill Gates goes mercenary, L4D DLC, and Tigole's departure from WoW.
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Analog Hole Episode 114 - 2/9/09 Lots of MMO news this week, Skip-hop intro music, and more ambivalence about Sony.
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Analog Hole Episode 113 - 2/1/09 Google kills the internet, Berkeley offers a class in StarCraft, and the Pirate party in CA.  What's the world coming to?
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Analog Hole Episode 112 - 1/27/09 This week, a problem with Thay's audio puts him MIA for about 10 minutes in the middle of the show.  Can you guess where?
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Analog Hole Episode 111 - 1/19/09 This week, we finally get caught up on listener submissions.
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Analog Hole Episode 110 - 1/13/09 This week- the most unwanted show music ever.  We also discuss the decimation of the 1up network (actually it was much worse than that), failing Zunes, and the death knell for AoC.
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Analog Hole Episode 109 - 1/2/09 The last show in 2008 - Christy's holiday hell and a little bit of gaming news.
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